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Turn your mobile phone into a home-working powerhouse

No matter what mobile phone you carry, you have got a powerful working at home tool tucked away in your pocket and you may not have realised it. And that’s why we’ve put together our top tips for making your phone a productivity powerhouse. 

Office 365’s Mobile Suite 

Any Phone or Tablet 

When it comes to office apps, there is only one King. Microsoft Office 365 has an application for everything a home working office needs. And did you know there is a mobile version of most Office 365 apps too? That means you can use applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and more from your handset, no computer needed.  

With apps like Microsoft Teams, you can communicate and collaborate efficiently from the palm of your hand. While using the core office suite of apps, Word, Excel etc, you can build documents, and spreadsheets too. All you need is an Office 365 account. And here’s a hint, if you already have an account with work, chances are you will have multiple device installations available to use on your handset as well as your work computer. 

High Quality Video Calls 

Any Phone or Tablet 

Sick of staring at a face full of pixels? The average Megapixels for a laptop camera is around 1-2MP. Your phone’s selfie camera? Well, even the sub £100 RRP Nokia 2.2 sports an impressive 5MP lens. That means, as long as your internet is up to the task, your camera quality is going to be much better on your mobile, making for much higher quality conferencing. 

Plus, there are a whole host of conference calling apps that are mobile compatible, from Microsoft Teams, to Skype, Zoom and more. You can make sure you are the crispest looking on the call by using your mobile instead. 

Your Office IT, on any device with an MDM 

Any Device 

With a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution your IT department can push through company applications straight onto your handset. Keeping you stocked up with everything you need for the ins and outs of your job. Whether it’s a company intranet sites or custom built applications, you’ll be able to access everything you need at home. 

Plus, if your company is working on a bring your own device compatible MDM service, like MaaS360, you can hook up your own device to the company infrastructure. So you don’t even need to buy a whole new handset. Even iOS devices can be linked up now thanks to Apple Device Enrolment.   

Reminders with Siri and Google Assistant 

Any Phone or Tablet 

Looking for your very own Personal Assistant? Anyone with an Android or iOS compatible device has their own PA in their pocket with Siri and Google Assistant. Both are artificial intelligence driven personal assistants that work via voice or text commands. Designed to make organising your work and personal life effortless. Using these apps, your phone can set reminders for you, book in meetings, send messages, find and send emails, and much, much more. All by just asking it.

Samsung DeX 

Samsung Note & S Series Phones and S series tablets. 

Samsung DeX is software built into most new S and Note range Samsung handsets. It lets you turn your handset into a fully functioning PC experience by extending your phone’s display onto another screen and then booting up DeX mode, a desktop style operating system. On here you can use your office essentials like Office 365, Cisco WebEx Meetings, and more in the DeX environment. 

All you need is a DeX ready Samsung handset, a DeX adapter, a HDMI cable, and a screen with a HDMI port. Then you can just plug your phone into the screen using the adapter and HDMI cable and you are off, you’ve got a PC without the desktop tower. 

Link to Windows 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and S20 Range. 

Thanks to Samsung’s Microsoft partnership, the Note 10 series of phones got a really smart feature added to their operating system. The Link to Windows shortcut lets you hook up your handset to your PC without a connection, and all you need is a Microsoft Account. Link to windows lets users send texts, check out their photos, triage notifications and use your mobile apps on your desktop, all without taking your phone out of your pocket. 

WiFi Hot Spotting

Any Device 

Home WiFi is far from perfect. And when you are stuck in a family home full of people, bandwidth can become a commodity. So why not skip your sluggish home network and hook up to your cellular data? You can set up a hotspot on your handset and use your data as your home internet on any WiFi enabled device.  

If you need all your phone data for your handset, why not invest in a separate device purely for hotspotting? There are plenty of devices that are built purely for hotspotting, they come packaged with data heavy SIMs so you can make the most of your cellular data without using up your phone data. 

Block yourself from productivity sinks. 

Any Phone or Tablet 

Now your handset is a fully powered working from home machine. It is time to remove temptation from yourself. From social media to Candy Crush, your mobile is a minefield for time sinks. Luckily, Google and Apple have already got a solution for that. 

Screen Time on iOS and Digital Wellbeing on Android are application management suites that let you set usage timers and even disable applications that may be stealing your focus. So that next time you get stuck in a social media bubble during work hours, you’ll be limited to the amount of time you’ve set. 

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Turn your mobile phone into a home-working powerhouse