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Top Features you didn’t know you needed in a work phone

You might think that a business phone only needs the basics for work: emails, texts, calls and a calendar. But depending on how you’re using your mobile, there are plenty of other features you may not have realised you need.


Picture it, you’ve just completed with a new client and you want to take a picture to share on your business’ socials. You get out your work phone and take a snap… surprise surprise, the lighting’s bad, the image is blurred and that important client now has bright red eyes. If a picture can say a thousand words, low quality photo content says just one: Amateur. Don’t get us wrong, a good phone camera may never match a high quality DSLR with a professional photographer behind the shutter. But it’s still built to catch great shots that sit well on your public profiles.

Who should care?

Marketers on every level can benefit from a good phone camera. Whether you’re an intern taking photos around the office, or a director who’s in the heart of the action. A good camera is essential for good, professional, content. Sole traders, small business owners and freelancers too need to think about a good camera. If you’re looking to sell your business with an image, don’t sell it short with an amateurish photo.

Device Highlight: Nokia 9 PureView

Boasting an incredible quintuple rear camera (two 12MP RGB lenses and three 12MP mono lenses) and an impressive 2K HD monitor. The Nokia 9 is a surprisingly inexpensive camera forward handset.


You don’t need to be working with overtly sensitive data for security to matter. Whether you’re dealing with clients, vulnerable stakeholders or handling any sort of third party data, a security leak can mean anything from a companywide humiliation to a hefty fine. And with that, your extensive mobile fleet appears a little less like an incredible asset and more like a significant risk without the proper security measures.

Who should care?

Device security features should be at the top of the agenda when choosing a handset for any workplace. But especially for any business that deals with high quantities of client data, sensitive material or even contact details.

Device Highlight: Any Device, on MaaS360.

MaaS360 is IBM’s simple yet impressively comprehensive Mobile Device Management Solution. From GDPR and leak prevention to location tracking, MaaS360 is a full security solution.

Good Battery Size

Working mobile often means you can’t hang around a plug socket for long. And while devices may be getting bigger and better, apps are fast becoming more and more power hungry. So much so that even our high tech batteries just can’t keep up. While charging times are rapidly dropping to compensate, there are plenty of days where even 20 minutes by a plug socket is a luxury.

Who should care?

Anyone who works in the field needs to be thinking about their battery life. In car chargers can rarely keep up with the power demands of running the navigation, communication and entertainment apps we rely on. And every last one of us has been stuck in a seat on a train without a working power socket, just sat watching the last few minutes of your battery life drain away.

Device Highlight: Huawei Mate 20 Pro      

With a hefty 4200mAh battery, the Mate 20 Pro is no slouch when it comes to efficiency, despite its incredible hardware specs.


Anyone working in the hands-on industries can tell you, there are an awful lot of ways you can break an expensive phone. Your top-of-the-range £800 handset can be rendered worthless by as little as a spilt coffee, putting an unfortunate end to that significant investment. Luckily, many modern handsets are increasingly including splash and scratch resistance as standard, while you tend to see more handsets with Corning® Gorilla® Glass than without these days.

Who should care?

If you’re working hands on, in an environment heavy with dust or moisture, then durability should be the top of your agenda. They’re invaluable in hospitality where spilt drinks and soaking wet hands are a part of daily life. While there are phones now being built with the construction and agriculture industries in mind, where working out in the elements, in dusty dirty environments, comes as part of the job.

Device Highlight: Samsung Xcover 4

With IP68 graded water and dust resistance and US Military certification, the Xcover 4 was built for extreme work environments.

Storage, Storage and more Storage

If you’re mobile workload is heavy, you’ll know how quickly the gigabytes of data can stack up. When you’re downloading and storing documents every day, it’s surprising how quickly your memory gets eaten up. Multiply that by ten if you’re taking photos or video content for work. While the majority of the flagship devices are boasting storage starting at least 64GB, going anywhere up to 512GB. The more affordable devices are notorious for not keeping up on the storage front, where you may have to rely on buying an extra SD card to make up the difference.

Who should care?

Anyone working mobile in the creative industries should keep storage capacity at the front of their mind when choosing a device. While contractors, small business owners and freelancers who find themselves taking photos regularly should be wary of just how big those files can get.

Device Highlight: Sony Xperia 1

With an impressive 128GB as standard, expandable to 512GB with an SD card, the Xperia 1 is shaping up to be an incredible business ready handset, without the flagship cost.

Dual SIM

Once you go dual SIM, you’ll find it hard to look back. Phones with dual SIM capabilities let you keep your work SIM and personal SIM separate, but together, all on the same device. Meaning not only do you not need to cart around two devices at once, that’s also half the amount of expensive handset to buy, insure, charge, lose, or break.

Who should care?

For freelancers and the self-employed, dual SIMs handsets are a smart solution for the work phone. Not only are you buying only one handset, cutting down costs. They easily let separate your bills, so you know exactly which calls are reimbursable, and which aren’t. They’re also ideal for anyone who travels for work, letting you pick and choose SIM contracts that work best at home, and abroad. So you can use one SIM for domestic use, and a travel focused SIM when you’re away.

Device Highlight: The whole Samsung Galaxy A Range

Every device in the new Samsung Galaxy A range boasts dual SIM capability, which is incredible for such an affordable set of handsets.

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Top Features you didn’t know you needed in a work phone
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