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The big mobile statistics, and how to solve them.

An effective mobile fleet has never been more important for modern businesses. Here are the stats that tell the story…

The smart phone has become an essential tool in the business arsenal. From basic organisational and contact functions to the wide array of business based apps and workspaces. The traditional office space is transforming. As people become less and less attached to the office environment, more and more people are working mobile. A laptop and a smartphone are the evolution of the old desktop and hardwired phone system.

As your mobile fleet keeps on getting bigger, the room for error just gets larger and larger.

It doesn’t take long for your mobile fleet to go from essential resource to a data leak waiting to happen. Without the proper protection each handset added to your fleet becomes a new chink in your armour.

Every handset added means extra work for on your time strapped technical team

Each device you buy needs time spent setting it up. When your fleet numbers in the hundreds those hours add up. Time strapped IT departments can spend hours setting up a single handset without a solution in place.

A lack of expertise has led to prices getting away from businesses who are spending too much.

Businesses are spending more than ever on their mobile phones, and across the board they are paying more than they should be. Managing the costs of new technology remains a constant challenge in the business space.

But there’s a solution at hand for all of these problems, MaaS360

As your fleet grows in size all of these problems multiply. That’s why you need a solution that address every last issue. An exhaustive Mobile Device Management suite like MaaS360 lets you manage every last function in your mobile fleet.

  • Granular policy controls forbid certain apps, or whitelist apps that are necessary for work. Helping to secure your investment.
  • It allows you to remotely automate your device set up, helping you save on lengthy set up times and the hefty costs of time and money that go with it.
  • Monitor and limit your data usage across your whole fleet to save on spiralling costs that come with misuse of your company handsets.

If you’d like to know what MaaS360 could do for your mobile fleet, call us on 0330 0375 214        

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The big mobile statistics, and how to solve them.
Edward Harrison