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Mobile Device Management

Simple and easy solutions for all of your mobile devices
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With security measures to safeguard your company’s data and the ability to monitor your devices 24/7. Our mobile device management solution allows you to remain in complete control of your business.

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Effortlessly Manage Business Mobile Devices

Advances in mobility have enabled businesses to become more productive as the numbers of employees working remotely increases, yet with added flexibility, businesses can often feel that there is a loss of control.

Daisy Connect allows you to remain connected and take control of business-critical data on your mobile devices.

Our mobile device management (MDM) platform gives you the ability to manage and safeguard any mobile device on any network, including but not restricted to the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Range
  • Apple iPhone Range
  • Huawei E20 Plus
  • OnePlus 6
  • Nokia 8
  • HTC M9
  • Sony Xperia Range

And more.

Our capabilities include:

  • Portal to manage all devices
  • Safeguard devices and data
  • Detailed reporting capabilities

To find out more about how Daisy Connect could help your business, call 03300 375 214 or email

Call: 0330 0375 214
Mobile Device Management

Why Daisy Connect?

  • Impartial advice – we are one of the UK’s largest independent B2B mobile providers
  • Remote management – our online portal gives you the ability to view all employee devices and configure these remotely
  • Cost saving –  monitor data usage in real-tune and set usage caps

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Mobile Device Management
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