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O2 5G is Here

What is 5G?

5G is here, and it’s going to change the way you do business. Our partners O2 have just launched their 5G network, and we’re honoured to be one of their UK partners who can offer your business this cutting edge mobile technology.

5G will completely transform the way we work, giving businesses a better and more reliable connection in busy spaces, delay-free downloads and buffer-free streaming. But it’s 5G’s impact on technology that’s even more exciting. From connecting buildings, transport and services in ways we’ve never seen, completely revolutionising everything from the way traffic flows on our roads, to the way we receive health care. O2 5G will unlock new experiences around all the things that matter most.

Faster speeds

Much, much quicker than 4G, which means you’ll be able to do everything you do now, but faster. Enjoy perfect video calling when you’re out and about. And easily upload and email big files, while you work on the go.

Lower latency

Lower latency (the time it takes for a network to respond) is going to be a game changer for highly sensitive jobs that involve minute inputs and real-time feedback. Things like remote surgery, a critical video conference or comfortably handle augmented and virtual reality.

Better network capacity

5G is perfect for when you’re at a packed conference. The network is designed so that thousands of people can stand in the same place and upload and download as much as they like.

O2 5G

O2 are adding 5G capability to their already award winning network. Meaning you get all the advantages of the O2 network, but with higher speeds, increased reliability and improved capacity. But don’t worry, while 5G is being rolled out across the UK, 4G will keep getting better, as O2 continue to spend £2 million a day on their network.

Where can you get O2 5G?

O2 5G launched across six major business hubs – Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Slough. Expanding to a further 20 towns and cities before the end of the year. By summer 2020 50 locations will be covered by O2 5G. Increasing speed and capacity in locations like busy transport hubs, business areas, and live sports and entertainment venues. A full list of planned rollout locations can be found on their 5G pages at

How O2 5G is helping business

O2 have been working with British businesses across the construction, retail, transport and utility sectors including Network Rail and Northumbrian Water Group to explore how 5G could help them. Whether that’s improving efficiencies in supply chains, production processes or unlocking new 5G enabled revenue streams.

Creating 5G innovation spaces across the country, these hubs will provide 5G test environments accessible to businesses of all sizes, helping fuel the innovation that will boost the British economy.

5G and the Internet of Things

In the future, 5G will be able to connect huge numbers of devices and handle massive data volumes with low latency, allowing us to capture data and apply AI and machine learning to it in near real time. This will open up opportunities for smart cities with connected cars, buses and sensors, all working together to avoid traffic jams and reduce accidents.

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O2 5G is Here
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