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Andy’s top takeaways from the iOS 13 Beta.

Our very own Andy has been braving the bugs, and delving deep into the new iOS13 beta so you don’t have to! Here are his highlights, lowlights, important features and takeaways from his experiences so far:

First Impressions

The Beta has had its glitches, as people should know any new iOS beta would. However the pros of the new features outweigh any of this. While the latest release has helped and I am expecting further updates to squash even more of the bugs.

Top Feature: Dark Mode

One thing that prompted me to install the beta immediately was the system wide dark mode, something Android users have enjoyed for a while. Being colour-blind, dark mode is great for me. The bright white iOS layout, combined with the AMOLED screens on the new devices meant I had to keep the brightness turned all the way down, but not anymore! Plus you can set it to automatic, coming on at sunset and turning off at sunrise so you can experience the best of both worlds.

Game Changer: Gestures

While the new gestures were technically released on iOS12, the step up to iOS13 has made them even better. 13 has added a lot of features that make using the hardware so much easier. From reviewing social media to planning your day with reminders to using maps, all the new features really enhance the overall end user experience.

Most Intuitive Feature: All of the above and more.

Dark Mode, Memoji, swipe to text, the new photos app, maps, the way in which you can share and save directly from apps, frankly the whole system is more intuitive overall. The biggest changes I have found have been on the iPad Pro 2018. The interface, the greater range of screen real estate for apps and more importantly being able to add information from a USB-C thumb drive or hard drive at last!

Honourable Mentions: Photos and Maps

The range of editing is amazing, taking what is already a great camera on the Xs, then being able to further enhance photos is brilliant. The definition element is amazing at picking up textures. Also the new Photos App layout is great, separating into year, month, day, with the curated view.

The Maps app has had its issues and is now definitely up there as one of the best, with the way it sorts favourites and the collections element to build lists of places to visit when travelling will make for a very useful tool for anyone. The 3D street view looks very interesting however we will have to wait for this!

Should you upgrade?

I am a huge advocate for software updates regardless of model. It can make an older handset feel much newer as well as introduce a raft of benefits into your everyday life, as hardware costs are forever increasing, people keep devices longer, meaning software is where real benefit can be found.

Final Thoughts

I am using a paid developer licence at present, public beta testing goes live in July and the final version will go live in September when the new line up of handsets are announced, Apple run the public Beta testing and its open to everyone, if you are a techy get involved and help Apple develop this for everyone else! Visit here

Andy Layfield, Daisy Connect

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Andy’s top takeaways from the iOS 13 Beta.
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